Bendinger Neckwear Uses and Ideas

Bendinger Neckwear designs custom ties, scarves, and other products for a variety of events and occasions.

Ideas for Schools and Alumni
Put your school spirit on display by wearing custom-designed neckwear that includes your school's colors and logo in a variety of quality fabrics and patterns. For public, private, and parochial grade schools, high schools, universities, and alumni.

Custom product ideas for Schools and Alumni

Ideas For Special Events
Whether it be an important milestone or celebration such as graduations, reunions, anniversaries, fundraisers, holiday parties, and more – these are wonderful events to consider the purchase of custom neckwear to share in the moment of a lifetime.

Custom product ideas for Special Events

Ideas for Corporate Groups and Security Personnel
Your company or department can stand out from the rest of the crowd by ordering matching neckwear to enhance your corporate look.

Custom product ideas for Corporate Groups and Security Personnel

Ideas for Affinity Groups and Clubs
Customized neckwear, scarves, and products can be used to market and promote your organization or club with pride.

Custom product ideas for Affinity Groups and Clubs

Ideas for Student Council and Student Ambassadors
As a special representative of your school, it is important to reflect the school with grace and dignity. With Bendinger's custom neck ties, you are sure to look sharp and display your school pride for all to see.

Custom product ideas for Student Council and Student Ambassadors

Ideas for Honor Societies
Being a member of an honor society comes with bragging rights. Let our custom neckwear do the work for you. Purchase custom ties for the distinguished members of your honor society.

Custom product ideas for Honor Societies

Ideas for Glee Clubs, Choral Groups, and Orchestras
For all of your upcoming concerts and events, perform your best with matching custom pieces for the entire club.

Custom product ideas for Glee Clubs, Choral Groups, and Orchestras

Ideas for Sports Teams
Bond off the field or court with the purchase of custom neckwear for your sport’s team members. Show your team pride by ordering custom ties that include your logo specifically designed to represent your love of the game.

Custom product ideas for Sports Teams

Ideas for High School and University Bookstores
Need a specialty product to sell to students, staff, alumni, or parents to show off their school pride? Let Bendinger Neckwear develop products to represent your school’s spirit.

Custom product ideas for High School and University Bookstores

Samples of our work

Top quality bow ties express your organization's individuality
Custom loop ascots dress up any corporate style
Create custom pieces using your logo, colors, and vision
Your doll can look stylish in a custom doll dress
Show confidence with coordinating neckwear pieces

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