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Specializing in Custom Orders for over 25 Years.

For over 25 years, Bendinger Neckwear has been helping organizations build their “Dress for Success” look with made-to-order pieces that have become the hallmark of our brands. We understand that it takes a rare blend of business acumen and detailed execution – from grasping an organization’s vision to addressing the intricacies of color and design – to create a wearable and durable piece that stands the test of time.

We believe that a custom look should clearly reflect the values of an organization and its culture. Our vision is to craft products of quality, elevating the ordinary to extraordinary with a love and passion for design.

Bendinger Neckwear is eager to help your organization express itself through custom pieces using distinct fabrics that match your specific brand colors and style. Let our passionate experts help prioritize your design needs to create your personalized look today.

We make it easy, convenient, and effortless to cultivate your organization’s best look with our seamless process.

Bendinger, Inc. is certified by the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC) as a business owned and controlled by a woman.

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