Bendinger Neckwear Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most commonly asked questions along with answers.

How do I place an order?

You can start an order online or contact us -
By phone: (484) 342-3522 or (800) 385-6995
By fax: (484) 342-3529
By email:

How long is the entire process from start to finish?

Normally 12 to 15 weeks are required for the design and manufacturing process.

Who designs my custom neckwear?

We can work with your art department – or our artists will do the design work. Custom design charges are free to you for up to 3 designs. We also offer custom woven keeper tags for your products.

Can you match colors and what are the tolerance levels?

In manufacturing textiles, slight variances in the size of the finished product may occur. This is due to stretching or shrinking of fabric during the printing and sewing process. Because inks and yarns are not available in PMS colors, exact color matching, is not guaranteed. Every effort is made to come as close as possible. Reorders may also vary slightly in color. These variances are considered commercially acceptable.

What are your billing terms?

A 50% deposit is required once artwork has been approved and orders must be paid in full before shipping if you are a new customer. With approved credit, we will bill your company after delivery. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. Our terms are Net 30 days.

How can I open a Bendinger account?

Simply request an application for credit and bank release authorization. These forms will be emailed to you. Opening order must accompany the application. Orders from first time customers must be paid for in full before production occurs.

Can merchandise be shipped or billed to addresses outside of the United States?

Merchandise can only be purchased where the bill to and ship to addresses are within the United States or Puerto Rico.

What size are your neckties?

The length of our regular ties is 58 inches. This is the standard necktie length available in most stores and fits most people. Remember your tie should hit at the bottom of your belt, and no more than a half inch below the waistline.

How long are your extra length ties?

About 63 inches and if you are taller than 6’ 2” or have a large neck, we recommend long ties.

What size are your bow ties and do they come pre-tied or are they self-tie?

Our regular sized bow ties are 2½” all with a self fabric band. We can manufacture either! You have the option. The adjustable bow ties can be worn by neck sizes 13¾” to 18½”. The minimum order for bow ties is 24 pieces when combined with other styles for a total of 200 pieces.

Are your ties stain resistant?

A soil release finish can be added for an additional charge if requested.  All ties regardless of finish are “DRY CLEAN ONLY” and should not be washed by hand or machine.

Do you offer children's or boys' ties?

Yes, we can manufacture boys' length ties, typically 52 inches, or redi banded ties, which are pre-tied with lengths of 12, 14, or 16 inches. 

Can I change or cancel an order that Ive already placed?

Sorry, once approval has been submitted and screens or weaving cards have been prepared (occurs once strike off is approved) all orders are considered firm and cannot be cancelled. Any design changes will result in the billing of any additional costs incurred.

How much is shipping? How long will my order take to arrive?

Shipping times and costs vary depending on which method of shipping you select. All shipments are sent via UPS ground unless the customer chooses an expedited service. Customer is responsible for paying the freight from our warehouse, FOB Plymouth Meeting, PA, to their location. Bendinger Neckwear is not responsible for freight carrier delays or losses.

How are your ties packaged?

All of our ties are packaged in a plastic sleeve. We offer a variety of options including having your ties individually wrapped in tissue and boxed for an additional fee.

Can we get samples of your work?

Random samples are available free of charge.

What direction are the ties striped?

The striping on a tie can go from either the upper right to lower left or upper left to lower right (or horizontally if you so choose). Since men began wearing neckties, the direction of the stripes on striped versions have traditionally gone from higher on the left to lower on the right, just as a man's coat buttons left over right. The direction is aesthetically pleasing, and compliments a man's pocket square and boutonnière on the left side of the jacket. You decide and we will accommodate.

What width ties do you have available?

The traditional width of a tie is 3½". We can also manufacture a width of 2½" for those who want a slimmer look. Measurements reflect the widest part of the tie.


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